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Powerful control and monitoring
for robots.

Mission critical software infrastructure to enable the next generation of robotics companies to build, operate, and scale robots and robotic fleets.

Manage fleets of robots with just one line of code.

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The essential building blocks for robotics

Freedom provides powerful integrations with your favorite tools and platforms to eliminate the need to make a build vs. buy decision or commit fully to a single monolithic platform.

Instead, use our out-of-the-box services in a configuration ideal for your business logic or build on top of our API to create the most powerful process for your development, operations, and support teams.

Freedom Robotics - Monitoring-1
Freedom Robotics - Control
Freedom Robotics - Management-1
Freedom Robotics - Analysis


  • Freedom Robotics - Monitoring-1
  • Beautiful Dashboards

    Components are automatically introspected in our Mission Control® dashboard to create useful visualizations of your robot's data with full customization tuned specifically for developers, operators, or managers.
  • Data Stream Monitoring

    Topic-level data recording with filtering and compression for everything from video to LIDAR to custom data formats. All efficiently uploaded to the cloud.
  • System Measurement

    Monitoring and logging of system resources, bandwidth and operating system errors.
  • RobotReplay™ Share Links

    Go back to a specific time period and see everything about your robot in one click. Then, easily generate a secure URL to share with colleagues, customers, or for public dashboarding.
  • Smart Triggers

    Automatic triggering of alerts based on connectivity, data values, bandwidth usage, code stability, diagnostic messages and many other dimensions.
  • Alert Integrations

    Intelligently route the right alerts to your operations teams, developers, or customers on whatever channel they use with pre-built integrations to Pagerduty, Slack, or custom webhooks.
  • Smart Alerts

    Customizable alerts are triggered or cleared at specific severity levels to help you keep your finger on the pulse of a single robot or your entire fleet.
  • Logging

    Powerful, full-featured application and system-level logging.


  • Freedom Robotics - Control
  • TeleOp

    Intuitive UI controls to drive and operate your robots on desktop and mobile. Easily add custom buttons to the interface for repeatable tasks.
  • Remote SSH from Anywhere

    Create a short-term, secure tunnel to your robots behind any firewall or on any private network with a click.
  • API Message Injection

    Easily control and access your robot by injecting messages on any topic or channel into the robot as if they were local in ROS, Python, or any other language.


  • Freedom Robotics - Management-1
  • Fleet Management

    Organize your robots by fleet or device type and easily see their status around the world. Monitor alerts, uptime, and other key elements across fleets and drill down to an individual robot or component.
  • ROS Lifecycle Management

    Build, launch, update and shut down ROS remotely from the Freedom Robotics dashboard.
  • Local Script Triggering

    Remotely run local scripts on your robots to reset, update, or activate system level functionality.
  • Fine-grained security

    API endpoint-level security token access locks down all aspects of the system to give you peace of mind.


  • Freedom Robotics - Analysis
  • Full Data Export API

    Instant API access to all your robot's data for aggregating statistics, exporting data, monitoring systems and integrating with custom endpoints.

  • Data Preview

    Customize your data stream to see it rendered however you like - as insightful visualisations, JSON, or the raw underlying data.

  • Time-Aligned Metadata

    Linked robot, system, logging and other data allows correspondence for training sets and more.

  • Real-time Data Stream

    Run analytics in real-time across the fleet or aggregate in batch mode later.

  • Statistics Tracking

    Easily customizable scripting to track key dimensions for each device across the fleet and deliver custom analytics.


Let us manage your software infrastructure
so you can focus on robotics


Highly Reliable

Our microservices are specifically designed for mission-critical systems to identify any existing or potential issues and massively increase uptime.


Easily Adaptable

Our flexible system is designed to be used with one or a million robots — in development or production — with zero changes to your existing dev environments and workflows.


Designed for Scale

Everything we create is designed with the next generation of robotics in mind. Build with confidence for error-prone environments in the real world.


Easily Integrated

It takes seconds and one line of code to install Freedom Agent on your robot, all without disrupting your current system.

Scaling to a fleet is simpler than ever.


Always On

Proactive issue detection and prevention to maximize your uptime and bottom line. Real-time analysis and alert propagation brings down your diagnosis time from days to seconds.



Regardless of robot type or application, Freedom services are easy to install, easy to use, and easy for multiple stakeholders to understand.


Continuous Logging & Replay continuous-logging-replay

Replay exactly what each robot was doing down to the second to quickly diagnose and debug problems; share this information with your team or with a client.

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FLEET MANAGEMENT fleet-management

Unified logging and monitoring across all your robots let you view real-time data streams, resources, individual robot performance, and easily identify issues across your fleet.

Group 3

Enchanced Visualization enchanced-visualization

Easily understand all the components on your robot with powerful, real-time visualization. Fine tuned for both developers and operations teams with fully customizable views of 3D visualization, maps, video, LiDAR, multidimensional graphs, and more.

Group 17

Constant Monitoring & Smart Alerts constant-monitoring-smart-alerts

Get alerted to errors and important events in key robot data, connectivity, and underlying systems. Send alerts to your CRM, messaging platform, or integrate webhooks to know exactly what's going on with all of your robots.

Group 15

Real-time Teleoperations real-time-teleoperations

Completely take over with intuitive UI controls to drive and operate your robots on desktop and mobile, whenever and wherever. Easily add custom buttons to the interface for repeatable tasks.

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Manage fleets of robots with just one line of code.